This Site is supporting a search for Justice, seeking compensation for Professional misconduct by Legal and Accounting principals. There seems to be some collusion amongst the tightly knit  Legal and Government organisations to ignore this proven behaviour, and deprive  the Plaintiff of justice. 

The situation is  that banking transactions were carried out by a Lawyer, without authorisation, that misdirected $220,000 of the plaintiffs funds.

This money was sourced from a Bank as a loan, but instead of being provided to the applicant for his own use, the funds were directed to paying off a mortgage held by one of the Lawyers own clients.  None of the funds went to the Lawyer, so it isn't theft, but the funds were not supplied to the plaintiff as was intended. 

It is equivalent to applying for a Loan from a Bank to establish a business, but instead of the Lawyer giving you the funds, he used them to pay off the mortgage on your home. As a result you have no funds for the business, and aren't able to develop the income you had planned.

Naturally, any such accusations of this sort can fall into dispute, where  the two parties have only their own opinions to present as evidence. However, in this case, a full review was done by another lawyer, on behalf of the Legal Profession Board Tasmania  The comprehensive investigation,  that documented the  activities, and the results of that investigation are available to view HERE.

As a result,  the findings are not just two opinions, but have been thoroughly investigated and documented for all to see. A referral of the matter was made to the Tasmanian Police by Lara Giddings, former Tasmanian Premier after a detailed review. (attached)

Despite this, NO action has been taken by the Attorney General of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Police, the Legal Profession Board or any other statutory authority to correct the action and/or compensate the Plaintiff.

The contents of the Police referral will be available HERE in the very near future.